Dear Friend

First of all we want you to know that we already admire, love, and respect you for making the decision to choose life, and to look into adoption. Whether you place your baby with us or not we want you to know that we already pray for you and admire your strength and selflessness by putting your baby’s life first. We know and have faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to for both you and your baby and for our family. We would love to have another open adoption and add you to our family if that is what you are interested in as well. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we can't wait to get to know you and love you even more.

Why Adopt

When Valerie was 16 years old, she found out she was born without a uterus which meant she would never have the ability to give birth. As you can imagine, it was very difficult for her to process this life changing news. However, within only a few short months she received the blessing of peace and positivity to help her during this time in her life. Since then Valerie has chosen to focus on the miracles and blessings that have come to her life because of infertility.


Fast forward three years later, only three weeks after meeting Brandt, Valerie was so impressed with his calm and supportive nature that she was surprised to find herself feeling a strong desire to share her infertility story with him. His reaction to the story was exactly what she needed and confirmed to her, he was the ONE!


Brandt and Valerie now rejoice in the opportunity to continue to grow their family through adoption.

We have been married for 16 years now and are still each other's best friends. We love hard, play hard, and we work hard to put our marriage and family first.

We adopted our son Titus almost 5 years ago and are so grateful for him! We are equally grateful for his amazing birth mom! We love her like family and she has been such a great blessing in our lives. We have an open adoption and enjoy the relationship we have built with her. It has been such a great experience for us and we love that it gives our son one more person to love him.

We have recently felt impressed that there is another child that is meant to come to our family at this time. We have always known that we want more children and know without a doubt that now is the time for our family to grow. 

About Us

Our Sweet Birth Mom

A letter written by Titus' birth mom Jeni:


"A few years ago I was faced with the decision to put my unborn baby boy up for adoption.  I knew from the beginning what I’d have to do and I was very scared but the Lord comforted me.  Getting started, finding someone was daunting.  There were so many couples trying to adopt!  There were specific things I was looking for, but when I found Brandt and Valerie I felt the spirit lead me to them.   When we met, I noticed how much in love they seemed to be.  We had some things in common, have similar interests.

I kept getting promptings that what I was doing was doing something important and that I was the only one able to bring them their child.  I kept imagining a little boy looking down at me through the stars, waiting to slide down to earth, a curly headed child like me.

When I had Titus, Valerie and Brandt were there at the hospital.  It was beautiful that we all experienced it together.  I have a son Silas that was 8 years old at the time.  Titus and Silas are brothers, half- brothers.  Nothing changes that and we have spent a lot of time together throughout the years.   We love to hang out.  We support each other. 

There are many statistics reporting that open adoptions can be healthy and beneficial.  I would agree.  The first year after I had Titus was pretty tough, what I went through was specific to that condition.  But at about Titus first birthday, I remember being there at their home and watching that darling baby laugh so hard he can’t get up off the floor.  I was the vessel that brought him here.  I realized how perfect it was, just how it is now.  Watching him, how could I possibly feel sad?"